Unable to open website with mobile data please anyone fix this issue ASAP

My website URL is: dbksolutions.in only opens with WIFI connection
And unable to open with the Mobile data connection
please anyone help and fix the issue

What error does it show while visiting your website on your mobile data?


The Request timed out.

What about using vpn?


issue is my website unable to open with mobile data only opens with the wifi connection
WEBSITE NAME : dbksolutions.in
please fix the issue website can be open with mobile data also

The problem is due your internet issue, can you use vpn to see if that works or not?!


We can’t fix that issue. If you can access your website through your WiFi, it means that your website is working and accessible from the internet. If you cannot access it through your mobile data connection, then the problem is likely caused by that mobile connection.

Like @anon19508339 suggested, you can try a VPN over the mobile data connection and see if that allows you to access your website. If that does work, then it’s definitely an issue with the mobile data.


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