Unable to open softaculous and start my website journey

It is my first time using this hosting platform. I wanted to use wordpress, i searched for the steps, it tells me to use softaculous but when ik try to open it it gives me a warning with a red backgrond that is isn’t safe.

PLZ help me. i really need to install wordpress and work on the website.

Hi and welcome to the forum !


Thx for helping me, i worked today, so happy. Only thing is that i installed wordpress and now i dont know how to get on the website to build. i did find a website called: http://sql309.byetcluster.com/. but it isn’t really working.

Do you know how i get on the building area?

i mean i found a url noted by the titel that said database host

That is not a website, it is a database server. So if you visit it in your browser, nothing will happen. But if you connect to it via SQL, it will work.


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