Unable to login

Website URL


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no error

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unable to login. the phpmyadmin login and password are correct.


You means phpmyadmin login or that website login?

website login

This website main page redirect to infinityFree main page, that’s why?

Check is the database using another encode algorithm

InfinityFree’s subdomains always do that. That’s not why.

That’s your site, your own software, and there’s not much we can do for you. You may want to check your connection encoding, database structure, and your password to see whether it’s actually not working or not.


sorry but everythings works well during last two years. is not a problem on my code.

I’m sorry, but what kind of help do you think we will be able to give you?

Looking at your website, it appears to be custom coded. If so, you’re the expert on the software, and the authentication system it uses. So you’re the best qualified person in the world to troubleshoot the authentication system you created, and tell if or how the admin credentials can be reset if you lost them.

We don’t know anything about your code, we don’t have the ability to troubleshoot anything, and we don’t have credentials to test. So if you want us to help you with this, you’re going to need to give us a lot of information and ask very specific questions.


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