Unable to load import mysql.zip


Hello there,

Can you elaborately explain more regarding your issue please?
And also where did this error occured? What were you doing exactly?

Also maybe these Knowledge Base articles might be of help to you?


And could you please write the information in the message next time, rather than writing the message and taking a screenshot of that message to replace the actual message content with?


I have correctly created my DB: I can create table but when I try to upload a “filename.sql.zip” after long time of waiting for… no table is loaded and I receive message like:

Warning in ./libraries/classes/Dbi/DbiMysqli.php#213
mysqli_query(): MySQL server has gone away


./libraries/classes/Dbi/DbiMysqli.php#213: mysqli_query(
string 'SELECT (COUNT(DB_first_level) DIV 100) * 100 from ( SELECT distinct SUBSTRING_INDEX(SCHEMA_NAME, '_', 1) DB_first_level FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA WHERE SCHEMA_NAME < 'epiz_25934036_2' ) t ',
integer 0,…

It sounds like the import is too big and is hitting some timeout limit or something like that. Could you try splitting the dump into multiple parts and uploading those separately?


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