Unable to link .xn--6frz82g tld

I tried link this tld but it say

The custom domain does not match the format of a domain name. A domain name should look like “example.com” or “example.co.uk

what can i do?

I don’t think InfinityFree Supports Punycode Domain Names

That’s unfortunate :frowning:

Where are you trying to add it? In the control panel or the client area? Because while we do support Punycode domains, its support is a bit lopsided, and only select forms support it.


I recognize the error message, it’s from the client area.

And you’re right, IDN support is a bit… funny.

Last time I checked, the hosting API did not support IDN domains, but the control panel maybe does. So I think you can try to create an account with a different domain first, and then add the IDN domain afterwards. A free subdomain works fine as a temporary domain.


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