Unable to issue SSL certificate

My website URL is: https://brawlplus.ml

When I request an SSL certificate, few minutes later I see: “We were unable to issue your SSL certificate. Please try to request a new one.”
I tried 7 times, and It’s not working. What could be the problem?

I use Wordpress.

I have checked the logs to see what happened to your domain name. In it, I only see errors from Let’s Encrypt saying:

During secondary validation: Remote PerformValidation RPC failed

So it would seem that these certificates failed because of errors at Let’s Encrypt. I don’t see anything which could explain why this happens. Maybe just try again tomorrow?


It’s the same issue, actually. I checked the logs and see the same, weird error message.

Looking at the list of certificates which have been requested recently, the number of certificates failed is really high, and checking the logs for a random sample all return this error message.

I’ll need to look into this and see what is causing this.


Assuming I have the same issue :frowning: airhost.ca

I would assume so. This affects almost all domains, which is why I created a topic in the System Issues category about this:

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