Unable to install thirty bees through Softaculous

I have checked your site and also see the 404 error. But I also see you’re using Cloudflare. Then I tried loading your website directly from your actual website IP, and then it’s working fine for me. No 404 page then.

So please double check your Cloudflare settings first. I think this issue is caused by having the wrong website IP in the DNS records. Please make sure that your base domain and the www subdomain are setup with an A record pointing to the IP address visible in the client area as the Website IP of the hosting account.

I also see some HTTPS redirects going on. Please make sure that your website is configured correctly to handle those. Cloudflare Flexible SSL is easiest to setup if it works, but many scripts don’t work well with it. It’s more secure and less error prone to generate and install a Self Signed SSL certificate on your site (you can get those through our Free SSL Certificates tool) and configure Cloudflare to use “Full” SSL mode. And avoid using “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” at all costs, it tends to generate a lot of weird bugs.

After bypassing Cloudflare, your website still gave a 500 Internal Server Error for me, which means your website software is crashing. This article can help you get started with that: Http error 500

But for now, I would recommend focusing on the Cloudflare and HTTPS issues, because you’ll need that regardless of what software you’re going to use.