Unable to get free SSL certificate

Hello again!

Sorry for the real late response!

I am trying to create a SSL certificate for my domain and subdomains (I understood, I have to create one SSL certificate to each subdomain). So this is what I have been done:

  1. In the “app” section, went to “Free SSL Certificates” then clicked “add ssl domain” four times (one for my main domain martínez.co and one for each subdomain)
  2. In cpanel section, I went to Advanced - CNAME Records and there put the source and destination of each of the SSL created before, 8 in total. For example: RECORD NAME: _acme-challenge.xn–martnez-bza.co. DESTINATION: xxx123xxx.acme.infinityfree.net. (I don’t post the real address because I think it’s private!)

It has passed more than 5 hours!

  1. I went back to the app section and there I tried clicking in “Request SSL certificate”, but I don´t get it… In the field “current destination” it appears “not found/not ready” both in _acme-challenge and _acme-challenge.www

So… can anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Not very useful… isn’t that spam?

Exactly, you should flag as spam if you think it is spam.

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It took almost 24 hours but now I have the SSL certificates running on all my websites!

Thanks for all @Admin !

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Thanks… I will use this option next time!.. I did not know about it! :grinning:

Please don’t bump an old announcement topic to ask for help with your own website. If you want to ask for help with your site, please just create a new topic instead.

Especially because in this case you’re using Let’s Encrypt, which was not added by the update announced there but already existed before.

It isn’t. Anyone can view the record if they know your domain name. And it’s a randomly generated record which is linked specifically to the domain name, so it’s completely useless information to anyone else.

It can take up to 24 hours. This is also what it says on the page.


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