Unable to find out hosting password - error in connecting mysql

Hi All,

I am unable to find out the hosting account. as per the instructions given in the FAQ article: https://infinityfree.net/support/help-i-cannot-connect-to-mysql, i have gone into accounts and selected my account. But i can see only account information and the FTP information. I dont know how to get the hosting account password.

I am getting an error message…This is page is not working. URL : http://orunginanthamakkalsangam.rf.gd/ContactForm.php

not sure the error is thrown since i have given hosting password as empty. The below coding i have used in a connection php and it will be called using include keyword wherever required. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Moreover, please guide me is there any limitation for using Mysql database space for free account? Please guide me.

<?php $link=mysqli_connect("sql106.epizy.com", "epiz_21128659", ""); // mysqli_connect(host,username,password,dbname,port,socket); if(mysqli_select_db($link, "epiz_21128659_omnaassociation")->conect_error){ echo $link->connect_error; die("Database connection failed..."); } ?>

If you click your account in the client area, you can see a field named “Password” on the right side of the page: https://b01173cd97164a28968fc33834740508.objectstore.eu/screens/201712-009c.jpg . I’d say it’s pretty hard to miss.

Hi, Its working perfectly…Thanks for your help.
Really appreciate your efforts…its really helpful to refresh my knowledge. Thanks