Unable to find Index.html file

i am unable to find my index.html file under the ht_docs file,where to find it,i can see the index.php file but not showing index.html file.

Did you create a file called that? You should not have both an index.html and a index.php, you only need one of them.


i have to create that ? actually my website abc.com which name is ABC as for Example not showing in google search properly, its showing the abc.com instead of ABC above the url. so i thought to check my index.html page if something wrong there.

I don’t know what you mean.

Can you share a screenshot of the problem with your actual URL?


Are you referring to the “InfinityFree” part at the top here:


Because that’s the site name of your site. You can configure it with OpenGraph tags. It doesn’t show your page title there.


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