Unable to enter in my website Error 521


I get an error when i enter my website even with softaculous, the error is from the hosting it appears, and the error is 521. I have seen these threads in this forum about a problem with ifastnet (sorry if i misspelled it). And also an user with a previous similar problem in Jul 21.
I have no clue what i need to do… Do i delete 1/3 accounts in the Infinity hosting and start to Re-host again? Cloudflare seems to work great.
I deleted my cache and asked clients to enter in my website, and they also cannot.
What am I doing wrong or what is happening?

Error Message

(Error Message 521)

Other Information

(other information and details relevant to your question)

Looks fine to me


Can you clear CloudFlare cache, followed by browser cache?


Still doesnt work after clearing cloudflare and browser cache, maybe only bulgaria country cannot access the site? But it is so strange. What can be the problem??

Working for me…try clear cache in your browser OR use incognito mode…!
Admin panel also opening!


Can you try using VPN?

It works if i use Brave browser Tor mode
but why everyone else in Bulgaria cannot access it?
Note:: All cache from cloudflare and my browser are cleansed.

Already tried that, it’s like the Bulgaria country is unable to access it. But before it was working.

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