Unable to Edit Index File Using Control Panel

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I did not receive an error message. My problem is I that can’t get the control panel to work – it will not let me edit my Index file.

Other Information

When I select the Index file and then select “Edit” from the pop-up window, all I get is a blank screen – there is nothing there to edit. Is this because I am on a Chromebook, using Chrome? My website looks really stupid right now, because for some reason the latest HTML Index file I uploaded ended up with the JPG images at the top showing up only in teeny-tiny thumbnail size. (Everything looked fine with the previous Index file – which I left in the folder as “indexOLD.html.”) Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there!

Are you talking about the online file manager? If so, it can (and does) stop working at times. Please try clearing your cache and let me know if that helps!

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Try this:

  1. Download the file by clicking “Download” on the pop-up menu
  2. Go to https://vscode.dev.
  3. Click “Open File” and then “Open files” in the pop-up.
  4. Locate the file and click “Open” or whatever it says.
  5. Make your desired changes, then click Ctrl+S
  6. Save the file in the desired location.
    Open your Files App and drag-and-drop the file into the online filemanager.

Going to vscode.dev didn’t work – all I see there is a completely white screen with a pale gray watermark of a triangular logo. Does it only work with Windows? (I have a Chromebook running Chrome.)

It works on any modern browser tho.

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You can use any offline editor such as VSCode, Sublime Text or Notepad ++

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@jaikrishna.t, please remember that the OP is using a Chromebook, and many of those can be difficult to set up there.

@stjamesdawson, the editor below is free and downloadable from the Webstore, it is the one I use, and I totally recommend it.


It’s not possible to edit the default index2.html file due to file permissions. If you want to upload your own page, you need to delete that file first, and then upload your own index.html file with the desired content.


Thanks – I’m glad to know that I’m not missing out on being able to do something that I thought other users probably could do! As you suggested, I did end up just deleting the previous index file and replacing it with one that I had revised offline, which seems to work fine. (The website is back to looking like normal, with the changes I wanted to make.)


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