Unable to do confirm ownership

I try to confirm ownership of the site on a webmaster tool of Naver, which is a search engine just like Google. However, I cannot confrim ownership of the site and received following message.

<If you cannot confirm ownership of the site, please check the following situation>

  1. Please check if the Naver search robot is blocked in the firewall of the site.
  2. If your site’s main page is redirected using JavaScript or meta refresh techniques, it is not supported. Please use the HTTP redirect method.
  3. If you put HTML tag for ownership confirmation inside frame tag, it is not supported. Please fill in the HTML tags for confirmation of ownership outside the frame tag.
  4. Support is not available if the original HTML file for upload provided during verification of ownership is damaged.
  5. Webmaster Tools does not support Internet Explorer 10 downgrade.
    For more information, please refer to the Naver customer center’s site confirmation section.

I am suspicious Infinityfree may block something, which I have no idea or etc.,

Please let me know how I can confirm ownship of the site.
Thank you.

Automated access to your website is blocked due to security reasons, so most website based verification tools will not work.

If this measure is problematic for you, please consider to upgrade your account to XVHOST where there are no such systems.

Thanks a lot.