Unable to delete subdomain "Illegal Characters"

**My website URL is:http://arrogantjackal.com name, if it doesn’t affect a web page) on which you get this issue. →

**What I’m seeing is:
“Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .5” Error when attempting to remove subdomain via control panel. The subdomain is a single character one which is just “1” but after trying to remove it I am given the error message above. I’m attempting to remove this as I am migrating to another ifastnet account.

I have attempted trying this in multiple browsers but the issue persists. Not sure what really I can do here.

If the issue is that the characters are too small then why did it allow me to create it in the first place?

Yep, this is a bug in the panel. It’s possible that the rules about the minimum length of a subdomain have changed, but even if it did, it shouldn’t check the format of your subdomain while deleting it.

I cannot delete your subdomain myself either, so I’ve messaged iFastNet to remove your subdomain and make sure that subdomains can always be deleted.


The subdomain is gone now!


Awesome, thanks for your help with this!

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