Unable to delete htdocs folder inside deleted sub domain folder

Sub domains that I deleted: miicontest.8bit.rf.gd, miicontestp.8bit.rf.gd, miicontestp.epizy.com

I’m using the software: FileZilla, Online File Manager

I accidentally made those sub domains of my website and I then deleted them. However, when I checked the FileZilla FTP share, the folders of those domains were still there, so I refreshed, and they were still there. I tried to delete them both from FileZilla and your Online File Manager, both complained of access denied when deleting the htdocs folder inside the leftover deleted domain folders. I tried setting permissions to 777, which succeeded, but still wouldn’'t let me delete the htdocs inside the folders of the domains. Keep in mind that I deleted the subdomain itself after I found out I had created them by accident, so them still staying in my file share is pretty annoying for clarity and organization’s sake. Thank you.

You can’t delete subdomains folders because the permissions to delete them are set to the root user, not the FTP user.

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