Unable to delete a domain

Username epiz_33829435

Doamin - lovedailyhoroscopes.epizy.com

I want to delete this domain however I do not see it in the control panel. How can I delete it.

Check under addon domain or subdomain?


Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, I found it under addon domain. I was actually looking under subdomain earlier.

Thank you!!

Hi, how do I delete the SSL certificate for the addon domain I just deleted. When I go to free ssl and click on the domain name, I do not see an option to delete the ssl certificate.

Under free ssl I now have 2 domains of the same name. I want to delete the ssl for the one with the “issued” status.

You can’t delete certificates from the client area. If you want to remove the certificate from the site, you can delete in the control panel.


I have deleted all the SSL Certificates and all the domains using control panel. Still, when I go to Free SSL Certificate area, it shows a domain and a certificate. How can I remove it as it is causing a lot of confusion.


Again, you can’t delete certificates from app.infinityfree.net


You can’t dlt it…!

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