Unable to connect to mysql database


I’m having trouble connecting to my mysql database through MySQL Workbench.

I’ve set the following:

Username: epiz_21643654
Hostname: sql306.epizy.com
Database: epiz_21643654_iliyaml_dev
Password: The password I use to log into my cpanel

The error says:

"Failed to Connect to MySQL at sql306.epizy.com:3306 with user epiz_21643654

Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘sql306.epizy.com’ (10060)"

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you give a bit more information about your code?

You can’t connect to your database here form your own computer. Our database servers are locked down so you can only reach them through PHP scripts on your hosting account and our phpMyAdmin installation.

Access to database from outside the hosting platform, commonly called “Remote MySQL”, is a premium only feature.