Unable to confirm Magento 2 hosting because of inode limitation


I got a free hosting hoping to install Magento 2.
It seems that there is an Inode limit problem which prevent me to finish the install. 100 % (58820 of 30019)

Is it possible to get this limit temporary off to check if the install is OK or orally confirm that your hosting plan is OK with Magento 2.0.7 ?

I’ve seen that you have a 18$ plan / year. Will this plan solve the inode prb on a longer term ?

Thanks by advance.

The inode limit is the limit on the total number of files in your account. Even if we could raise or disable the limit temporarily, it would break your website as soon as the limit would be restored.

Magento is an enormous e-commerce suite, not a simple web shop, so simple hosting probably will not suffice. Even if you would manage to install it, you would probably run into processor and RAM limits very soon as well.

If you just want to host a web shop, there are plenty of other scripts which are more effective in that. Plenty of them can be installed in a few clicks on your free account with Softaculous.

I don’t know where you found an $18 plan, but that must be a third party advertisement. We provide a $34.50 per year hosting plan at https://www.xvhost.com, which is big enough to support a (small) Magento shop.

I’m ok with a 34.50$/year if the install complete. Can you temporarily disable the limit so that I could check this. (username is fceu_18275315)

I found the 18$ plan on ifastnet (Starter Premium Hosting) after having been redirect from this page http://cpanel.freecluster.eu/panel/indexcp.php?option=upgrade-new : click on the “Buy Now” button for standard premium.

iFastNet is a third party, I know hardly anything about their services, let alone guarantee anything about them.

The XVHOST accounts are on a separate system, we would have to move your website contents to XVHOST to complete the installation. The premium hosting is not on the same system as the free hosting (different brands, different services), in part because the limits on free hosting cannot be increased.

Ok with that also. Do you need anything from my side to do this ?

How long could that take ? I can re-transfer the files on a new FTP if it’s more convenient.

One last thing is that you announced 34.5$/year and the website shows 3.45$/month. Can you confirm the annual price ?

Well, on XVHOST, you get a new, separate hosting account. The contents have to be transferred manually. If you can do that yourself, great! If you need help with that, we are happy to provide it.

The price is $3.45 per month, but you get two months free if you pay per year.