Unable to change my PHP version 7.4

I selected the php version and changed form 5.6 to 7.4. After 60 mins is not getting change. Kindly help in need to update my application.


How can you tell ‘Is not getting change’

You mean seconds.

And version 7.4 is selected by default. When you first change php version to 5.6?


Two Week back i changed to 5.6. Now again i changed to 7.4 is not getting change after 60 Sec.


PFA image, is in 5.4 now i changed to 7.4 is not getting change

I just checked your website and it’s running PHP 7.4: http://vortexits.epizy.com/_test/version.php

Like you can see there: the current version is PHP 7. The dropdown does NOT show the current PHP version.

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