Unable to add a new domain

Thanks for helping! I wander what I should do.
(Forum newcomers are not allowed to have more than two links in a post so I converted my post into a image😓)

As I see it, there are two possible reasons why you may see this error.

The first reason is that we had an issue on Thursday which caused this error message to show on many domains which are not subdomains. This issue has been fixed, so you should be able to add the domain now.

The other reason is that the addon domains system is not intended to be used with subdomains. What you should do to setup your domain name is add mininfinity.org as an addon domain to your account, and then create subdomains for it. You are then free to move the domain name back to another hosting provider, as long as you keep the domain name active on your account here. I have a few ideas on why it might have worked before but doesn’t work anymore now, but in any case, the error is intentional.


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