Unable to access my https:// after installing SSL

epiz_31221272 and epiz_31216235

I am unable to access both websites after installing GoSSL. It was accessible before the SSL installation.
I have checked the status of both URLs -They are both in ‘Active’ mode, and also reflect that the SSL certificates are successfully installed.

What is the URL for both usernames? Write clearly, fill the template.


I checked your websites, and they are working fine from here. What do you see exactly? Can you share a screenshot of what you see?


Thank you.

I am most appreciative of your prompt response and support. Indeed, as I have just checked, both https URLs work fine now.

I would put my issue down to needing to wait for awhile, a tip for those who may be experiencing the same predicament. In my case, it had to be a little more than 24 hours for the server-side to get updated.

Thanks again.


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