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I’m starting to doubt my choice to use Infinity. We wanted a free hosting service for 6-12 months and go premium but as it stands now, I’m already annoyed with them. There’s no support, never did they told me that using email is highly restrictive and email client is un secure so it’s highly recommended NOT to send personal data through this… all of this a little difficult if you’re starting up a new company.?!

There’s no way getting to them unless you upgrade. There’s no way getting a better email unless you upgrade.

Did anyone managed to set up a secure email client using the free hosting platform?


But there is support! I’m right here! I’ve always been here! I’m not sure where exactly you’ve been looking for support before, but we could have helped you before if you asked your question here.

We never told you before you never asked. If you had asked your question on here before, we could have told you all you wanted to know about the email service beforehand.

I don’t lie about the fact that the free hosting email service is very basic. InfinityFree is a website hosting provider. Email is not a priority for us. If you want a better email service then yes, upgrading is a good deal. But you can also use a third party email provider while hosting your website with us. We do give you the ability to set custom MX records too.

So you’re starting up a new company? If so, you probably have plenty of startup costs, both in time and in money, to deal with to get your first customers. It might be a good investment to just get a premium hosting account for your email. Sure, it will set you back $4.99 per month, but it will also give you great website and email hosting which you can just rely on. So you can work on developing your product and getting your first customers knowing that your hosting and email are taken care of.


When you go to your email client, it literally say there’s no support unless you upgrade to a premium account. You might be here but that’s not clear at all from your system.

I never asked before? off course I never asked before… because I had to sign up first before I can ask anything here. What I mean is that, when browsing your website, It never mentions he basic email, it never mentions your email client is unsecure. So you are saying that I should have signed up to these support pages first? Tell me, how much does that say about your website?

Yes it would be a good investment, and yes we have plenty of costs and things to consider which is exactly I love to work with companies who are transparent from the start out. As mentioned, we wanted to try the free hosting for 6-12 months and then upgrade. At this point, and after reading these smug comments even more so, I don’t think we’ll stay here for that long.

That being said, I actually figured a way to get around the unsecure email client of infinity so we’ll try that for a go.

Thanks for the effort in replying. Next time keep in mind I might be a future client of yours.

Kind regards

BTW, I expected to find fellow users of the free plan to view and answer these forum pages, not the actual admin. So in that regards, I was wrong and do appreciate that admin does monitor these forums.

Thanks for doing so!

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you are using a free service. You get what you pay for. You pay for nothing so you can expect limitations. or you know, you could,ve just read the terms.

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True… or, you know, they could have been transparent and noted the un-secure mailing client and lack of usability within those terms…? Then yes, I would have known.

maybe you should have read the terms before signing up? or you know, doing some research before signing up? Choosing a hosting provider for your domain is very important. you have to do research.

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and again as the admin said, you can use a 3rd party mail service like yandex. and what do you mean by no support? in the client area there is a link that says get help. when you click it it will show you links for upgrading, for the forum and the knowledgebase. btw his comments are not smug at all, that is the truth.

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I agree that having to sign up to a forum first to ask a question does create a hurdle for people who want to know some stuff before signing up. But how would you like to see it instead?

We used to offer a contact form which people could ask pre-sales questions. But the questions which came in were usually basic questions which can be answered by simply reading the home page of our website (e.g. “do you support PHP”, “how long is the free hosting valid for”). There were also questions which were more complicated to answer, but then it would often take longer for me to write the response that it would take for the sender to sign up, click through the panel and find out for themselves.

I call it pre-sales, but that’s not actually true. InfinityFree doesn’t sell anything. There is no up front risk to signing up and trying for yourself. You don’t need to pay first or enter credit card details.

So that’s why we now say “just read our publicly accessible material, and sign up and try for yourself. If you still have questions, you can ask them on the forum”.

And you’re right, our product information does not say the email client doesn’t have SSL. Because the product information is not an exhaustive information package explaining every tiny detail of the service. While I see that secure email is important to you, many people don’t care as much.

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