UK IP change to US IP

Almost all servers of the free hosting platform are in the UK, and maintained by a company from the UK. As such, our IP addresses are registered as UK as well. We don’t have any website hosting infrastructure anywhere else.

If you and/or your target audience is primarily US based, then hosting your website closer to your visitors is usually a good idea. At the same time, a fast server will be fast enough everywhere. And if your website is slow, it’s hardly ever caused by which country your website is hosted in, and never where the IP address is registered.

With paid hosting, there are plenty of US based providers to choose from. But good free hosting is so scarce that I wouldn’t worry too much about whether the site is in Europe or North America.

And like @Oxy said, you can use Cloudflare to mitigate this.

And where the IP address is registered doesn’t mean it’s actually hosted there. IP addresses can be routed to other locations on the world, or even hosted in multiple locations at the same time (like our nameservers - the IP is registered as US but DNS requests from EU will go to EU servers).

And if you think “but it’s important for SEO!”, it’s not. Search engines don’t care about where the IP address is registered, search engine developers know that modern networking is complex and that where a company is registered doesn’t say much about the customers of their customers’ target audience.