Two things about Cloudflare

If you can answer me please these two questions:

  1. Could you send live examples of Cloudflare websites running on InfinityFree?
  2. I want to use Cloudflare with existing website, but I already have account on Cloudflare by the same e-mail which I have here so can’t use the “Enable” button from Vista Panel. Can I just add my domain (i have custom one) to Cloudflare account or should I do it in another way not to break anything?
Big thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know what example you exactly want, | api.mrjunior - my websites, my DNS is:

Okay, so can I do it normally just adding domain to cloudflare?

First add domain to InfinityFree account, then I’ve changed nameservers to cloudflare and added domain to my CF account