Two Factor Authentication was diabled for your account

2FA disabled email recieved on the 27th March 2023 by InfinityFree due to data corruption. Just noticed it now as I was trying to sign in, I don’t have the recovery device, however I had the codes which no longer works. Now I am unable to login to my other account with s******[email protected].
Not sure what I should do now. It says to login to reenable, however I cannot log in now.

I’m not sure what you are talking about. I don’t remember us disabling two factor authentication entirely, nor can I find any records of this. I do vaguely remember there being some issue with recovery codes getting overwritten incorrectly, but not 2FA having to be wiped completely.

Also, I don’t see any code changes around late March this year related to authentication. And if there was data corruption, I would expect to see a fix for whatever caused that.

That said, I do see we revamped the authentication system in late March 2022, not 2023. Are you sure you got the email this year, or was it last year?

I cannot see when exactly 2FA was enabled for that profile. But I see there has been activity on the account during last year. So if 2FA was wiped in March 2022, it means it has been re-enabled afterwards.


Just checked the email, it was March 2022, however that doesn’t explain why my backup codes no longer work? I don’t have the access to device (don’t even remember what method I used, none of my Authenticator app shows this.
I have 2 websites (google domains) linked to that account, is it possible to switch them to a new account, it doesn’t matter if i lose the data, I need to reuse the URL.

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Well, there is this thing:

There was a bug that caused incorrect recovery codes to be saved, which I think happened around that time, and I think that emails were sent to ask you to please generate new recovery codes because ones you had probably don’t work. It seems likely to me that this is exactly what happened.

That actually simplifies things. Because instead of proving that the account is yours, you now only need to prove that the domains are yours. If you can do that, then I can remove the domains from the account. Because if they are your domains, then you should be able to assign them to your account.

Could you please do so by changing the nameservers of your domains to and You’ll need to do so anyway if you want to add the domain to a new account. And if the nameservers change now, then I know you did it.


I have four domains (i think two directs to same site before)
They used to be on ns1 epizy com and ns2 epizy com ( I believe they are part of InfinityFree?)
I’ve switched all four domain DNS to ns1 inifinityfree com and ns2 infinityfree com

domains are
husyn. app
husyn. co uk
recipeverse. co uk

if you don’t mind removing those from that account so I can use a different acount to create the sites.


Thank you for updating the DNS settings on your domains. I have validated them and you have sufficiently proved your control over the domain name. Consequently, the domains have now been removed from the old accounts, so you can set them up on your new accounts.


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