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(i have started seeing this error since yesterday i tried following some of fix on couple threads on this community like clearing the cookies checking if the web browser support them…etc. however it keeps posting back with he same issue inface i even switched networks tried visiting the site using a different machine yet it was futile, also on that note when i try to access the site via my CP using my infinityfree account it shows a thumbnail of the google support page. )

In short: this is caused by Ezoic’s advertising proxy interfering with our security systems.

We have a validation system to ensure that only browsers can access our servers, which checks whether the visitor supports Javascript and cookies. When I check the requests sent by my browser when I try to open your site, I see that our challenge script loads and the security is sent with the request, but it doesn’t appear to be received on the server. This gives me the idea that Ezoic is discarding our security cookies on their end, which is why our servers do not allow access.

The solution is simple: use another ad provider. Adding more moving parts between your visitors and your site makes it more likely that things will break. There are numerous ad providers in the world and only Ezoic has this proxy system where they intercept and manipulate the traffic between your visitor and your site.


thank you so much for the input, would adsterra native ads be fine?

I don’t know, I’ve never used Adsterra myself.

Basically, if their integration involves adding some code to your site, you’ll be fine. If it requires rerouting your website traffic through their systems, it probably won’t work. But like I said, only Ezoic does this as far as I know.

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