Trying to set up a new account web page


“Don’t see your website yet? Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name or hosting account to start working everywhere.”

Joined on Saturday. I cleared my dnscache as directed but nothing. I converted a word doc to what they call a web page and uploaded it (htm extension) to the correct folder along with two images. Does it really take 72 hours and does this error message then go away? I have a domain name I’ll need to add then so good luck to me with that at that time.


The folder I have them in is “htdocs”. Is that the right one?

yes htdocs is the correct directory

can you post your website url so I can take a look, thanks

Thanks for any help you can provide:

I see it’s a directory and if I click on index 2 the site comes up. That’s weird.

I see a directory listing, which means you have not uploaded an index file yet.

If you don’t see the directory listing page, try clearing your cache:


rename your file from index 2.htm to index.htm and you should be good to go

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Because there is a space on the file name, and the extension is wrong. Only “index2.html”, “index.html” and “index.php” are co side red homepage files, and the names must match exactly.


Thanks for the info. I’ll look into that but I can’t play around with it at the moment.

oo sorry I didnt realise that index.htm doesnt work on this hosting, do as Greenreader9 says and rename it to index.html


Thanks. The site is down now for maintenance but I’ll try it later.

yeah I just saw that on my accounts page too but its up again for me, hopefully for you too

The file index.htm should be loaded as a directory index page. Your site on the other hand has a file called Index.htm. Our servers, like almost all hosting servers, run on Linux, and Linux has case sensitive file and directory names. So Index.htm and index.htm are different files that can exist in the same directory.

So renaming the file from Index.htm to index.htm should also fix it.


Thank you very much. I’ll try that when I get home from work later today.

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