Trying to get free SSL from InfinityFree

My website is

I am using cloudflare. I enabled it from their website and my nameservers are pointing to cloudflare.
I can use flexible without any problem but I want to use full. If I use full I get the SSL Handshake failed error from cloudflare. I did some research and found out that I need to have ssl certficate to use cloudflare in Full mode. I tried to get free SSL from InfinityFree but I couldn’t get verified after 24 hours. I know I should wait more but I’m afraid I did something wrong or CloudFlare is interfereing with something.

I checked the cname records and they are correct.

make sure you don’t proxy those verification records


I was using proxies.Thank you I changed them to DNS only. I will wait again.

If you’re using Cloudflare’s nameservers, please make sure you’re also setting up the CNAME records in Cloudflare.

And like @anon77371365 said, the CNAME records should be DNS Only, not proxied.


Thank you very much ! I did it through cloudflare and now I can see the cname records on mxtoolbox. On InfinityFree it says it couldn’t find cname records but giving some time will fix that.

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