Trying to backup my website

Hi everyone I have a free website with infinity free and I would like to back it up with All- In-One-WP-Migration as this would be the easiest way to move my site to my hosting company.
I can use the plugin to back up any of my other Wordpress sites with my hosting company but the site with infinity free starts to download and then fails every time.
I have tried a different plugin to download the site but that failed as well.
I know I could manually move the site but that is a far more complicated process!
Has anyone here had the same problem and found a solution.
Thanks everyone Victor

Trust me, backing up the files and databases is much, much simpler than trying to get those backup plugins to work. And old fashioned website migration is much safer and works perfectly with almost every website, regardless of the size.

If you believe a backup plugin is easier, then feel free to try, but don’t be too surprised if you end up having to make a manual backup anyways.

Backup plugins are mostly an easy way to waste your time and break your website, in my experience.

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Thank you for your useless reply I have been able to back up my websites on my hosting company with no problems whatever with the plugin (All in one Wp Migration) and it works every time the only site I have a problem with is with Infinity Free and I have also seen on these forums that lots of other people have had problems backing up or uploading sites do to restrictions that Infinity Free impose!!
Also thank you for your expert advice or link to the best way to migrate my site because it is silly to rely on a plugin that works for thousands of people including me but not on Infinity Free!
I am new to this and was using Infinity Free to try to learn how to build websites and if this is the help people get from an admin here I am sorry for the other people who use this service.
Thank you for your time and advice. Victor

I do agree with you that backup plugins are indeed nice, I also use All-in-one WP migration and it does work great but I do not recommend it using here. The reason why is because there are some server limits that would greatly affect the function of backup plugins like size limits, I tried using that said backup plugin here and if your site is more than 10 mb, then you cannot download fully download that backup and it would stuck at 9.6 mb because of the limit.
For workarounds, I pretty much separate to backup my site, multimedia files and databases in the plugin option so that it won’t reach more than 10 mb.

Since InfinityFree has already hosted thousands of sites, it only makes sense to have a limied server resources in order to maintain the servers especially since InfinityFree only gains money by Ads and Affiliate links.


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