Trying to backup my site

Used the instruction to get the database from the myPHPadmin part of the control panel.

Trying to get the htdocs folder via FTP downloaded but getting this…

What gives? It’s not that big of a folder…

Can’t get it by using backup plugins b/c of the lousy 20 second limit

I’m able to download all my website files with FileZilla, and no problems.

I can only suggest to try connect to a VPN and see if that does anything.

The admin will respond soon, hopefully he’ll know the problem.


Seems like of the 6000 ish files 800ish have successfully transferred but it keeps getting errors.

Just real slow.

Maybe try only downloading a few folders each time.


Try clicking the “Cancel current operation”, “close current connection” and “reconnect to server” buttons in FileZilla (they are in a nice row in the top menu) to re-establish the main FTP connection. Then, go to the Failed Transfer list, right click, and select “Reset and requeue all”. This should give a fresh and alive connection which downloads just the files which failed to transfer before.


Thanks I’ll try that.

K. That worked mostly.

Then it came down to three files left which just wouldn’t transfer through FTP (Filezilla)…

so I went into the file manager and downloaded them individually and placed them into their folders manually.

Guess we’ll see if it works.

I plan on installing it on another server to check to see if its complete and works.

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