Troubleshooting 404 error urgent

Hi username (epiz_26114945) and domain

I’m getting 404 The requested URL was not found on this server.

Hi I’m new here I am getting this error at my site. I suspect the account was deleted or suspended as I had a site on this account before I am not quite sure as all the files were removed and I’ve reinstalled Wordpress. I am able to login and i have files Wordpress in htdocs but nothing shows.

Any assistance as to what I may be missing that I can finally see Wordpress as I should so I can build out my site will be appreciated.

Help please?

I’m getting a redirect to
This means that the website was deactivated.

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Yes thanks I see that but my question is how can I get my site to show at my domain once more?

Would I need to create a new account entirely?

Please advise.

Much thanks

Is what you have linked a main domain?

Check in the client area ( if your account is suspended, if so, wait 24 hours.

Yes. You would need to create another account (hopefully you backed-up that one).
Usually deactivated accounts appear within 60 days, right?
Check to see if it is there

The domain isn’t assigned to a hosting account right now. You can create a new hosting account for it, or assign it to an existing account through the Subdomains menu in the control panel of that hosting account.


Your main domain is not your website.

Looks like it

As @Admin confirmed, it isn’t his main domain, I suggest you to read a bit further before judging, please.


Actually, it is. I completely forgot that possibility. I just stupidly pasted it in the domain search box and got no results.

The hosting account in question (searching the username this time) does not have any actual domain names assigned to it. So if you want to make your website work @kidrobot, you’ll need to assign a domain name to the account first.


You too confused me.


I don’t get you.

Basicly, they did link a main domain

Thanks much all for your replies. I figured it out but subsequently decided to switch hosting for the domain.

Appreciate the feedback.

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