Troubles in phpmyadmin database

Username ( epiz_31900171)

Error Message

#1044 - Acess denied for user ‘epiz_31900171’@‘192.168.%’ to the database ‘mangareaderx’

I’m having trouble creating a database with the name “mangareaderx” and I ask you to create one for me. and so I’m continuing with my project thanks!

Use database address that’s assigned to your account. (In form of ‘’)


You need to use the MySQL Databases tab in the control panel to create a new database.


i got it but my error remains

You need to set your hostname to the info given in the client area.


Can you share the code you are using to connect? Be sure to hide the password.

Your database name is prefixed with your account username, in this case epiz_31900171_, so try adding that and see what happens.


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