Trouble updating Woocommerce Plugin

Hello Community,

I have trouble updating the Woocommerce plugin, always receiving the error message “Update Failed: There has been a critical error on your website.”

What I have tried so far:

  • Deactivate and Delete the plugin through the WP-Admin dashboard. Deleting all cookies. Then reinstalling it through the dashboard.
  • Deleting plugin through FTP program, then manually uploading plugin in the FTP plugin folder.
  • I furthermore checked possible permission restriction, which also is not the reason

All ways lead to the error message. Help highly appreciated. Thank you!

Welcome @Alexander :slightly_smiling_face: Try going to the knowledge base link below, search for Woocommerce, you get quite a few hits, scroll down to see posts about it from this forum. You might find a solution there, I did that and came up with the link below the Knowledge Base link

Thank you Steve, I already went through all those posts and followed the instructions, unfortunately the problem persists…

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WooCommerce is a big plugin, so you’ll probably run into file size limits and PHP timeouts when trying to install or update it. I’m afraid that this is just something you’ll have to live with. So any time a new version of WooCommerce is available, you’ll have to update the plugin by hand using FTP.

Note that you don’t need to remove the entire plugin. Just deactivate it, upload the files on top of the existing ones and reactivate the plugin.

Alternatively, you could consider an upgrade to premium hosting where there are no file size limits and you can customize the PHP time limits.


Thank you very much, now I understand better.

Have you tried downloading the plugin from and manually installing it?

Hello Money Broz, I first tried to download it from the wordpress dashboard, since this did not work I deinstalled it and tried it manually via the File Zilla. Both didn’t work unfortunately.

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