Trouble Embedding HTML File From Directory

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Salutations. I am very new to html editing, and I am reconstructing a website for archival purposes. I have tried to embed an html file from the directory using,


I get the message, “ refused to connect” on the website.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Might I be doing it all wrong? Thank you for your time.

I am very sorry, as I could not display the code without it disappearing on the forum.
I first used an iframe with the source as /htdocs/1SlenderWeb.html, and then tried to embed it with /htdocs/1SlenderWeb.html as well.

When you use an iframe, you need to put the source relative to the web. This is how your code should look:

<iframe src="/1SlenderWeb.html" width=801" height=“601”>

Read more about iframe here:

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It should actually be

<iframe src="/1SlenderWeb.html" width=“801" height=“601”>

(Your forgot a “)


Aside from what @wackyblackie and @Greenreader9 said, please note that you can only embed HTTPS websites.

Did you add tags around it to make it show up as code? This forum supports formatting posts with BBCode, Markdown or raw HTML. So if you dump HTML directly into your comment, the forum assumes you’re using HTML to format your post, and will parse your code.

If you want your HTML to show as source code, you need to add code tags around them in BBCode or Markdown.

to make it clearer to you
whatever you did you don’t need “htdocs” in the URL


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