Tried many solutions but no luck, 502 bad gateway


Don’t have cloudfare enabled.
And i also did go through the forum posts but still no luck.

Installed the softaculous → OSClass, immediately after installing i am able to open the websites but after 1-2 minutes it starts giving 502 Bad Gateway - nginx.


And the same behavior with

Administrative URL :

It comes back for some time and again some 5 to 10 page refresh it starts giving 502.

Thanks in advance.

Also tried installing different themes just to check the is the problem with the installed theme but behavior remains same.

Your website (as well as everyone elses) is hosted on SHARED SERVERS, meaning you share resources WITH EVERYONE ELSE that has a website. This can cause downtime sometimes, like the Bad Gateway error. It happens to me too, so its not uncommon that it DOES happen. :slight_smile:

You can also use this for reference: