Transfer Tools From\\To accounts on other hosting server

Hey guys, I would like to know if you have something like HWM or some other cpanel accounts transfering tools?

Here are my 2 scenarios:

1.I have a lot of account from another server with HWM interface and cpanel for each account, can you do some bulk transfer magic to transfer all the accounts(directories,databases,backups,emails…) at once with some tool instead of doing it manually by downloading…

2.I am using your server/service for a long time and have a lot of accounts(but less then 400 :smile: ), and I decided to move to another hosting provider with HWM interface or some kind of transfer tools (BlueHost, A2Host…) can they use their tools to move over my accounts without me being involved?
(downloading manually…)

Thanks for your answers in advance.
I love your service and I think you are doing a great job for a lot of startups and entrepreneurs without a budget
or a very small one.

Keep up the great work, and thank you.

I assume you’re meaning WHM here? I don’t think I’ve heard of any tool called HWM.

First of all, we have a soft limit of 3 accounts per person and a hard limit of 15 accounts per person right now (but the hard limit may change without warning). So we’re not going to build any tools for people with 400 accounts, except for maybe a tool to find and take down the accounts.

There is no way right now to automatically move a single InfinityFree website to cPanel without manually changing settings. There are substantial technical differences between our infrastructure and cPanel. We have different directory structures, different database names, usernames, passwords and hostnames, different emails systems and so on, preventing automatic migration of even individual accounts.

We also do not provide reseller hosting, so we have no interest in providing any bulk tooling for the foreseeable future.