Transfer to premium

Hello, I’m currently using InfinityFree’s free plan, my site has been suspended for 24 hours, I don’t want this to happen again. I want to pay for the paid subscription at $1.67, when I click on it takes me to iFastNet where I have to choose my options for my site. But I thought of something, as I will transfer my domain to a new hosting, all the content hosted on InfinityFree will no longer be there, and I should start all over again?

It won’t happen.


Ok thank you very much, I think I’ll only buy it one month to test it, I’ll then see if I can afford to pay for a subscription. Let’s imagine that I pay the first month, and we are at the end of the month when my iFastNet subscription will reset, the transfer from the paid plan to the free plan will be done by itself? Or should I handle something?

No, it won’t be. Your free account may have been suspended for inactivity by that point anyways.

You may have to re-create the account, and you will 100% have to migrate it yourself (I don’t think iFN will do it for you).


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