Transfer a site builder template from my account to a friend?

I created a mock-up template site for a friend using the infinityfree site builder on one of my 3 free web hostings on my account and was wondering is it possible to transfer it over to them to get on with it ?

If I just ftp backup the site and give them the files to upload will the site builder on their account recognize it and allow them to continue editing ?

As far as I know, we have not had such a case, so we do not have an answer…
It seems to me that it is related to the account of whose website it is,
so it’s best to test it by creating it on one of your hosting acc and moving it to another of your hosting acc
and see if the editing works.

Here are some answers


thanks oxy, i’ll test it out on one of my others

why didnt I think of that ? lol


If I remember correctly, there is an “Export” and “Import” button within Site.Pro


I don’t know how much success you will have if the domain has been changed

e.g. you made a website for x123 epizy com
and your friend has x123 42web io

But maybe you should try making a template ?


the domain name is currently pointing to my hosting account but im going to transfer it over to his once he signs up

I wasnt aware of the export/import option in site builder thanks

my hosting is on so i’ll get him to create one on the same so hopefully it’ll help ?

i’ll have a go with this tomorrow, too knackered to try tonight :smiley:

i’ll let you know how it goes, thanks again

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hmm seems like the site is down

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I think it’s best to export the site on the one account and then import it on the other one. does keep records on their end of the domain the site is built for, which license it’s linked to and which IP address it runs on. So just moving the published files around may not work. Or it may work at first, and then mysteriously stop working when the old demo site becomes inactive.


thanks all for this information, i’ll give it a whirl


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