Total Newbie - Can't get Wordpress homepage to bypass 'Let's Make Something Awesome' Default

I’m not sure what I did differently? I have successfully created a website by installing the Wordpress app via Softaculous, but when I made another site, I cannot figure out why I can’t get this new site that I created, again, using Wordpress to show. I can edit my site from the wp-admin link, but when I click in the Wordpress Dashboard to ‘Visit Site’, the InfinityFree ‘Let’s Make Something Awesome’ page displays.

I am a TOTAL newbie when it comes to creating websites. I’m sure it’s an easy fix…I just don’t know where to begin. I’ve read all the other forum posts with the same situation, but I couldn’t understand how to fix in the .htdocs or the .htaccess. I think I need help with really dumbed-down instructions.

Thanks sooooooo much for any help/guidance!!!

Site = is loaded WordPress page for me, if you can’t load it → try Ctrl+F5 on your website or Empty Cache & Hard Reload in Chrome.

Oh my gosh - thanks so much!!! I knew it was some kind of simple fix!! I just cleared my cache and reloaded, and voila - I was back in action!!! Thanks for your help!!!