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I have been experiencing frequent suspensions, particularly due to reported RAM limit issues. Despite my efforts to optimize the website by removing unnecessary plugins, optimizing code, and implementing caching, the suspensions continue to occur. The website is currently in development and has not been publicly revealed, so it has not experienced a high volume of visitors.

To address this matter more effectively, I would appreciate your assistance in providing additional details on the specific resource usage that led to the suspension. Are there specific logs or tools I can access to identify the resource-intensive aspects of my website?

Moreover, I have taken the following steps to optimize the website:

  1. Image compression: All images have been appropriately compressed to reduce file sizes.

  2. Minimized external scripts: Only essential scripts are in use, and they have been optimized.

  3. Implemented caching mechanisms: Browser caching, server-side caching, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) are in place.

  4. Database optimization: Regular maintenance has been performed to optimize the database structure and queries.

I am committed to resolving any issues that may be causing the excessive resource usage and would appreciate your guidance on specific steps I can take. Additionally, I kindly request information on any resource logs or monitoring tools that can assist me in pinpointing and rectifying the issues promptly.

Other Information

I have hereby shared the overview of the cloudflare’s stats

RAM usage could get high if you are having so many visitors.



Please don’t use AI to generate posts here on the forum. It tends to change your message, and is just hard for us to understand what you are really asking. AI has its uses, but not here.


These are all useful steps to improve website performance. However, none of the things you listed will be particularly helpful to reduce peak RAM usage. Most of those steps affect static files, which basically don’t consume any RAM on the server at all. The limits you’re hitting is exclusively caused by PHP code.

We see reports about this more frequently, especially with (large) WordPress sites. However, so far we have not been able to pin it down to specific plugins or themes.

I’m sorry, but we don’t have any more details than you do. On free hosting the metrics are immediately aggregated for the daily graphs. We don’t keep detailed metrics, graphs, logs and usage snapshots. Remember that monitoring isn’t free, and spending a lot of server power to collect information about your website means there is less server power to actually run your website.

Premium hosting has more detailed metrics, which could be helpful. But know that even those won’t give you the solution on a silver platter.


What’s your post is written with? :grinning:Chatgpt? And your site reported as phishing by both my antivirus and the browser. Also, it points to suspended-domain. Who are you and why are you here?

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Because it’s currently suspended for hitting the daily RAM limit.

I suspect that this may be caused by the suspended domain redirect.


Whenever they suspend your account they don’t take it down literally, they redirect it to to there own link. your browser and antivirus are just making an assumption.
I’m sorry that you find my post hard to understand, however I do write fluent English and whenever I do, everyone thinks it’s AI Generated.

My apologies, this post ain’t AI generated!

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Sure, thanks for your remarks. But from the Cloudflare’s stats I don’t see the number as immense. Besides, I think the caching I’ve implemented so far is sufficient enough to handle that amount of traffic my site is receiving rn.

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But free hosting only allows you 128 MB of RAM, so it doesn’t matter if you’re using Cloudflare caching. I am not saying that Cloudflare isn’t playing a role, but if you are using heavy files on the server, your RAM usage will increase.

Sure. We are determined to upgrading to Premium plans once make our site public/Launch our Startup. At the moment our site is in development and we thought the resources provided by infinityfree would be enough during this phase. You can trust that this is the current discussion we are having with our team. You are appreciated.

Okay :sweat_smile:

From our assessment it could indeed be caused by the plugins and themes. We narrowed down to the activities prior to the suspension and just to pinpoint a few: we did a series of updates to the various plugins and the theme we are using These were however made at different times at least after an interval of 24 hours, we believe by that time the Ram limits had been reset.

I also would like to seek clarification why I still got resource usage warning even while my website was under suspension and when it was restored it only lasted for a couple of hours before being suspended again. Does it mean the deactivation does not prevent any further execution of the PHP files and other scripts, or just to put it in literal terms does the website still use the server resources during this period.

Isn’t it 128 MB instead?


my bad, i twisted it with this


While your website is suspended, it’s unreachable, so there is no way to trigger any PHP code or generate RAM usage. However, due to email delays and internal processing and so on it’s possible that warning messages may be delivered when it’s already too late and your account is already suspended. If your RAM overuse is very high, that’s a common scenario.

The exact limits are not shared. Account limits are different from PHP limits. However, it doesn’t make sense for account RAM limits to be lower than PHP RAM limits, as the lowest of the two would always take precedence.


I appreciate for taking your time, I find this helpful. Thanks

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