Too much effort to break my domain out

jus delete my domain gang yu feel me

Go to your control panel > domain > remove domain button beside you domain name.


You see, I’ve already done that before posting this. I deleted my domain from [Addon domains] and made sure it’s not in any other place under the “Domain” category. But it still says im using the domain ‘’ in the overview tab, as well as It’s active and PROUDLY powered by InfinityFree

clear your cache?

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i dont see such a message. I see something like a music player screen

You know what? I have a feeling it’s hosted on 000webhost, not here.


Haha I’m glad you were able to see the big bold “000webhost” watermark at the bottom of the page, but yes I switched the host, apparently it just needed sometime.


^^ Thanks :slight_smile:

Consider marking of the replies as the Answer :slight_smile:


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