Too many databases in myphpadmin

Shahajiji ( [epiz_29536275] )

Error Message :

there is so many files in myphpadmin as database. is it normal? please see my screenshot to figure out my mean,
is it safe to delete the rest of that ?

Those are WordPress databases. If you don’t care about them, delete them. But I will warn you, that could cause some problems.

If it is available, I would try deleting them from wp-admin and if they don’t disappear, delete them.

i see just one of that database in my admin details:
is another one important and i shouldn’t delete them?

You can safely delete all other databases, if you wish.


You seem to have many wordpress installs, if you have uninstalled them via softaculous, it might not have been deleted (db). This happens everytime (for all). Please open every db and check the siteurl string under wp-options. If it is of no use, pls delete thet db. Do the same process for all. Or just verify the db in softaculous and remove the rest of db.

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i dont know which of them is important and which is not. either i dont know how to delete not important ones

Just delete everything except the db name your provided in the screenshot.

thank you very much

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