Title image visible in HTML but not in PHP coding


The JPG title image is visible in the HTML file, however the same coding in PHP file is not extracting the image. Please help me.

I’m sorry, but what do you mean by JPG title images? Can you give a link to the problem page or a screenshot of the issue?

Thanks for your reply… The title images is the one which is used constantly in all the pages on the top of the every page. I have checked post your reply in the other thread, but as i stated the PHP files are not extracting the images. I have given below the links for your easy reference. Thanks again.
or http://orunginanthamakkalsangam.rf.gd/RegistrationForm.php?email=&pwd=

You’ve already asked the question here: https://forum.infinityfree.com/discussion/2735/images-in-jpg-format-are-not-visible-in-css-html-slide-show-coding . Let’s not copy paste the same answer over multiple topics, OK?