Title Image not working on one page

I have a website called freerangerstudios.ga.
When I go to freerangerstudios.ga/games, the logo stops working, but when I am at freerangerstudios.ga/games/testgame, it works!
What is gong on, and how can i fix it?

Thanks, Lukas

It do also work at www.freerangerstudios.ga/games

Try putting a slash before the logo URL. If you are on http://example.com/page and you have a link like images/logo.jpg, then your browser will look for the file at http://example.com/page/images/logo.jpg. If you put a slash before the url like /images/logo.jpg, your browser will always start looking from the domain like http://example.com/images/logo.jpg

Ok, thanks, I will try! Don’t mark the question as solved yet! :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s working now!