Tips for a Newbie Backend Developer

I’ve been working with JavaScript in the creation of Discord Bots for about 4 years and I’m looking to migrate to back-end development, but I don’t know exactly what I need to learn. At the moment I’m learning PHP and MySQL, but I think that’s not enough to get a Junior job in the area. What do you recommend I study?

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Really depends on what field you want to work on.

Is it website development? You can technically use any backend programming language for that however PHP is dominating the web development industry which means you will have better time getting a job in that field especially if you are mastering popular frameworks such as Laravel.

If you are looking for software development, C++ is a good choice but you will have to explicitly manage memory and allocating it yourself (there is also Rust which is growing in popularity and does not have the same issues as C or C++ however it is not widely used in case that you are looking for a job in that field)

I recommend having a basic knowledge of Python too, better if you try to master it.


This is already enough if you wanted to be a junior backend developer.And one important thing is to stick to a particular version of them.Though it is a good habit to always have the latest version,it can sometimes be frustrating as new feature get in and old feature get away.

However being a backend dev doesn’t mean you don’t need frontend knowledge.Frontend cooperates with backend.

To start learning frontend,you’ll have to know what platform you wanted to focus on.

All platform

Will recommend the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

It is also recommend to learn some frameworks like react.
This is also the best choice to you since this can get along with your current PHP knowledge very well,and you already have some!PHP was somehow designed to be used with these.

Also,as tools like electron/webview growing fast,it is also easy to turn webpages into self-functional clients if you wish.

Skip these if you are not interested in dedicated platforms' frontend

Apple platforms

You may want to learn these:

  • Objective-C
  • Swift

Swift is a new language and was super easy to learn.But it has less resources than Objective-C,so you have to decide.

Android platforms

For android you may learn the following:

  • Java

Oops,never touched android development before so this is the end.

Windows platform

These can be a good choice:

  • C/C++
  • .NET
  • Rust

Hard to learn though(at least to me)
And C/C++ is a bit lack of the ability to get gui,so it is even less recommended if you need a good frontend.

Linux platform

Why would we ever get to this?

  • C/C++

Hope you can gain your knowledge very fast and eventually become a pro! :grinning:

Well,I admit that Python is a good language and is super easy to learn.
But now Python is still a language that tries to master all,resulting in less stability than other languages dedicated to a particular field.
It is fun to learn though :slightly_smiling_face:


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