Times error in using Alipay callback function

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Notice time: 2021-06-03 21:55:38458
Notification address: https://tablemates.cn/source/plugin/dev8133_ integralf2fpay/notifyf2fpay.php
Notice content: https://tablemates.cn/source/plugin/dev8133_ integralf2fpay/notifyf2fpay.php?gmt_ create=2021-06-03 21:55:32&charset=GBK&seller_ Email = $$& subject = buy product & sign = $$& buyer_ id=2088042929684837&invoice_ amount=1.00&notify_ id=2021060300222215536084831415816061&fund_ bill_ list=[{“amount”:“1.00”,“fundChannel”:“ALIPAYACCOUNT”}]&notify_ type=trade_ status_ sync&trade_ status=TRADE_ SUCCESS&receipt_ amount=1.00&app_ id=2021002148619704&buyer_ pay_ amount=1.00&sign_ type=RSA2&seller_ id=2088032763904783&gmt_ payment=2021-06-03 21:55:36&notify_ time=2021-06-03 21:55:36&version=1.0&out_ trade_ no=20210603215527FkS63XXp6oxt3&total_ amount=1.00&trade_ no=2021060322001484831425799561&auth_ app_ id=2021002148619704&buyer_ logon_ id=189****9281&point_ amount=0.00
Merchant response: HTTP status code: 0, return value: null
Tip: IP / domain name connection failed

Other Information

In the use of Alipay’s online transaction function times wrong, see the wrong information.

The error message is a bit vague so I don’t know what it actually means. But I would guess callbacks won’t work because of this system anyways:


Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.

I think this may be related to this error, which I found in the browser’s check page.

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