Thoughts of Switching to Paid

Today I received this email after considering going to the paid service:

Hi here,

We noticed you tried to upgrade the hosting account epiz_19267203 with the domain however this upgrade was not completed.

We would love to assist you with the upgrade if you were having troubles / questions please reply back to this email and we will get you upgraded as soon as possible.

Also did you know our premium hosting now utilises pure SSD server (Solid State Disks) to give the fastest premium hosting !

Your websites could load up-to 1000% faster on our new SSD premium hosting!

While improving the quality of our service we have not increased our prices.

To find out more:

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Or simply reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards

This was my reply:

Yes, I am definitely interested in moving from the free to the paid. I am a bit confused on who runs what though. My fear is if I pay for the service, my sites won’t mitigate to the new one smoothly. The person that runs the Infinityfree is always right on top of issues and is active in the help section. I have never asked for help because it has always ran smoothly for me, but he/she is always helping others - even those annoying ones. That makes a huge difference! I like the thought that someone cares enough about customers - even those free ones - to try and stay on top of the situation. That there is great customer service.

So it is kind of important to me on who owns what. I am computer savvy, so maybe I see more than others. Like there are two sets of nameservers found on the free site. Took me a while to point them in the right direction. That to me shows it is new and there are still small textual errors on the free website. Anyway, yes, I am interested, but believe it or not, I would rather stay with someone like the Infinityfree place because of the customer service. Though I do miss having pop3 and imap.

Then there is another issue I am having though it is more on a personal level. I live on a very fixed income. With it being so close to the holidays, I have very little money left. I have been thinking of waiting until the first to seriously consider moving. The free service isn’t too bad for my needs. I know you need money too! :slight_smile:

So basically my concerns are lack of customer service, how difficult it would be to mitigate over to the paid one, and cost.

I sure get long winded! Thank you for reading my long story here.


My Problem
For one, that is not my account information from my end. This could be confusing, but I understand how this is being run.

I have an issues because when I sent my message back, I got an instant - will not work reply please go to the support forum (of another website). The email said, as you can see, that I could simply reply.

I like the free service and understand that it can be a bit buggy and information might be wrong because the website has not been updated to reflect accurate information. But it is VERY important that the paid version not have those bugs. Even if the cost if low, I would expect a bit more out of the paid version.

Why would I go to a paid version that takes me away from here? I like this place. That is a compliment!

Anyway I had to rant. If you need any help, just let me know :slight_smile:

Well, first of all, note that there are two different paid hosting services being advertised in the control panel: XVHOST and iFastNet. The e-mail you received is from iFastNet. iFastNet is a third party sponsor so I can’t vouch for their services and quality of support. XVHOST is our premium hosting service, so I can tell you more about it.

I agree that there are some inconsistencies in the free hosting panel (the nameservers being one of them). We don’t maintain the panel so it’s up to our suppliers to fix the text errors.

On XVHOST (and iFastNet too I think), we use a different control panel, cPanel, which is way more polished than what we’re using here on InfinityFree. So you won’t find that kind of inconsistencies there. Because there are quite a few technical differences between the systems, we can’t do automated migrations to XVHOST. However, moving files, databases and changing some configuration values is easy enough.

Also, thank you for your compliments, I’m glad to hear you like what we’re doing ;).

Thanks for your quick reply.

This is exactly what I needed to know. I want to stay with you, or XVHOST. I think the third with their spoon in the bowl had me confused… I will definitely be upgrading. Yes, you have something unique. I have been playing with websites site the early 90s - I am ancient. This is by far the nicest place I have been. I appreciate your hard work.