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I have a problem. I have a domain “” with Freenom domain and free hosting in infinityfree. I did all procedures and pointed my web to cloudflare. I currently have some subdomains like “” that is working and have SSL/TLS (https). The problem is with other subdomains like ·“” or “”. It shows that it’s automatically redirected to https but it shows me the message “This will only take a moment. Please wait…” and it writes a “/?z” at the end of my url.


That’s because those subdomains of yours does not point to the InfinityFree servers. Create an A record for those subdomains and then point it to your Server Hosting Account IP which you can get by following this KB article:

Your A records should look like this:

Hope this helps!


Please note that you’re not allowed to host chat scripts on our hosting.


It’s a live Chat Support script. Isn’t it allowed?

Thank you very much!

No, chat scripts are not allowed.

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