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Try the following:
Running Windows Network Diagnostics
Changing DNS over HTTPS settings
Check your DNS over HTTPS settings
Go to Opera> Preferences…> System> Use DNS-over-HTTPS instead of the system’s DNS settings and check your DNS-over-HTTPS provider.

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Your domain points to both Cloudflare’s nameservers and nameservers which don’t exist ( and, while they should be and Please choose only one set of nameservers you would use, and don’t combine both (so if you’re using Cloudflare keep only Cloudflare’s nameservers and not our nameservers). Also, please configure Cloudflare’s DNS so they point to the hosting account’s IP by deleting the existing records on Cloudflare’s DNS dashboard, then creating two CNAME records, one with as name @ and as value your Main Domain, and another one with name www and target @.


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