This site can't be reached

When i open My site it shows

this site can’t be reached

Last night i just connect the ftp account and upload a theme then install it and setting it up . But then when i open my website it shows the error
This site can’t be reached
My domain is

How can i solve this issue.
Please check my site and fix it as soon as possible.

I’m glad you found the new discussion button, you’re not supposed to add your own questions to a topic about the question and account of someone else if the issue is clearly different.

In your case, the domain does not seem to exist at all. Or at least, the .pk nameservers are not set up to point your domain anywhere. Please contact your domain provider about this because I think they’re the only ones who can fix this.

Thanks admin i will contact to my domain provider to fix this issue.
thanks again for your super support.
Shakir Smart